Jen Hearn


I have a co-worker who's daughter was married at a Castle in France. She is a beautiful girl and everyone in the wedding party is very good looking - including parents. The photographer took mostly shots from high positions so that he could get the castle and large portions of the rooms in the pics. the bride is a doll and I would have really liked to see more of her "feelings" on her wedding day. I did not express this to my friend, of course. but there was only one - intimate close shot of the bride and groom and otherwise it appears the photographer was just very taken with the setting.

Your photography is a perfect mix of intimate close shots and wider shots of the gathering - and rooms. You took Beautiful pics of my Kathleen's sweet face - you picked up the laughter in her eyes and the exhilaration she was feeling on her wedding day. And the look of love on Sean's face when looking at his bride. There is action in so many of the photos that demonstrates personalities and natural body posture of the guests, especially the little ones.

You are a true artist, Jen and I know that other families who are enjoying your photos share my praise for your work.

""Photographer" is an insufficient title for Jen. Jen should instead be described as a documentarian. She captures all of the beauty and detail in your wedding day and puts together a story that is carefully designed specifically for you. Jen took the time to understand not only what was important to my husband and me in the way of photographs, but also our personal preferences and style, so that the finished album is so "us." Picking any wedding contractor is difficult, but your photographer is with you more than any other contractor throughout the day. We were lucky to have Jen by our side. Thoughtful and gracious, she captured our day perfectly."

"Words can't fully describe how amazing the experience has been from start to finish. Folks, if you need someone to capture a moment as precious and (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime time as a wedding, Jen is THE photographer for the job.

Jen’s talent and professionalism are absolutely outstanding. Both my husband and I work in creative fields, making us extra tough critics when researching photographers for our wedding… we found Jen’s page and both immediately said “::gasp:: we have to have her!!!” We fell in love with Jen’s ability to capture unique shots that truly tell a story about that specific moment in time and the full say, we also were so impressed with how she handles light and shadows. During our initial conversations, she was attentive and informative, responding quickly with perfect detail. She did her homework researching the ceremony and reception locations beforehand and helped us iron out and confirm timing for photos on our schedule.

Jen and her assistant were both punctual and professional on the day of our wedding, dividing and conquering the before shots and working together with ease to reign in our wedding party (which was like herding tipsy cats). Jen shoots fast — which is such an amazing quality for a wedding photographer and one you will appreciate! She captured the various groupings of family, bridal party, couples, kids, etc., quickly and simply which kept us AHEAD of schedule and gave us some flex time to just enjoy each other and some drinks — oh, and she captured all of these relaxed/fun/unexpected moments too.

Moving to the reception; our wedding was big (210 ppl), but very personalized, our guests were fun-loving, dancing-machines and our band was loud and energetic — Jen captured all of these emotions and people perfectly. Many guests described her as ’ninja-like’ the way she quietly and subtly worked the room, clicking high, low and at different angles — her very relaxed, stealthiness resulted in so many stellar, candid shots that truly captured the raw emotion of each moment — she is a well-oiled machine.

Jen is a troubleshooter; turning the very difficult lighting inside the bridal suite into an opportunity to turn track lighting into spotlights. Jen is fun-loving and flexible; she went along with and even loved my crazy idea to light my bouquet on fire and rolled along with my need to take photos while driving a golf cart and drinking champagne with 4-5 bridesmaids hanging on for dear life.

When we received our photos after the wedding, I’m not exaggerating when I say we laughed, we cried, we squealed, and relived every - single - moment with each of the BEAUTIFUL images she delivered. Who needs a video when you have such emotion-packed, story-telling, high-quality, elegant and polished photos?!

Jen is pure talent and an absolute gem to experience your wedding day with. I will hire her again the next chance I get and will follow her captivating photography as a huge advocate and fan for life."

Jen was awesome to work with, she came wit her own vision but also listened to everything I wanted and any suggestions from my friends so we got amazing pictures! She is very easy going so you feel relaxed the whole time which is very helpful on a wedding day! If I had to choose again I would totally pick Jen. She was the second shooter for my friends wedding and seeing her pictures there really was no other option out there with the quality and how comfortable I felt with her!

Jen was absolutely amazing. She was willing to travel for our engagement pictures and our wedding! She showed up on time and took so many pictures. We had a huge wedding party (26 including myself and my husband) and she didn’t miss a beat. She listened to everything we wanted. Our photos were back to us within the week and were so perfect. I was a bridesmaid in a different wedding she photographed, and I knew I had to have her. Plus she’s got such a fun personality. We could not have been more pleased. Hire her for your photographs and you won’t be disappointed!

When my daughter got married last year, I helped her select a photographer. We looked at some portfolios and made some phone calls, but it didn't take us long to agree that Jen Hearn would be the way to go. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and fair rates sold us from the start.

And Jen lived up to our expectations and then some. She did a wonderful job, working with the bride and groom and their families to make sure that all aspects of the wedding were covered. We couldn't have been happier with the results!

Jen helped us out when we needed a photographer to do our first look photos early on our wedding day (before our "primary" wedding photographer was available for the day). (We didn't know that Jen was a wedding photographer until after we hired our other one, otherwise we would have considered hiring her for the whole day, of course!) Anyway, Jen was wonderful-- very communicative by email and flexible with the exact time & location of our first look. Her relaxed demeanor and willingness to roll with the punches made for a really pleasant photo session. It was clear that she genuinely cared about capturing some very special & emotional moments for us, and this absolutely came through in a beautiful set of photos!

Importantly for me, Jen didn't spend a ton of time trying to stage the ideal shot-- she let us do our thing while she happened to be there with her camera. She emailed edited photos to us before we were back from our honeymoon, which we were not expecting. And although we primarily hired her to photograph our first look, Jen also snagged some shots of our 7 bridesmaids and moms, and managed to get at least one nice photo of each of them. Did I mention that her photos are beautiful? I'm no expert, but to my eye they are really well composed and tastefully edited. I couldn't have asked for better, and absolutely recommend Jen as a wedding photographer.

We made the best decision to hire Jen to do our wedding photography! Jen did not miss a moment throughout the evening. Her pictures guide us through the evening without missing a beat. She is creative, professional, and fun to work with. I have already recommended her to several people. She does not disappoint!!!

Jen was wonderfully patient. I get self conscious in front of cameras. She helped me through my anxiety and waited until the real me broke past my default, lifeless "Say cheese!" smile. She also took time to try various locations and lighting options to get the best possible shots. Jen was a pleasure to work with