Jen Hearn Photography


Beginning DSLR  2 hours – $80

The DSLR workshops will offer 2 hours of instruction for people who have stepped up to a Digital SLR camera or are planning to make the move. Students will learn how to benefit from the greater power, versatility and precision of Digital SLR Cameras. Instructors will also provide tips on building a camera/lens system that suits their special individual interests.

Beginning Point & Shoot Workshop – 2 hours – $60

Beginners with their camera will participate in a two-hour workshop designed to increase their enjoyment and understanding of point-and-shoot cameras. Instruction will cover the basics of digital photography and introduce simple-to-learn computer techniques such as removing red-eye.

Composition in the Field - 3 hours -$120

The class begins with a talk with one of our experienced instructors, and then you and your fellow students take a stroll through one of a variety of photogenic locales. There is street photography, magnificent interiors, farmers markets, zoos, landscapes, and more. It is a 3 hour class. You will go to many different venues across the Northeast Ohio area.

Introduction to Photography for Teens (Ages 12-16) - 2 hours - $80 for two sessions

Come have fun exploring your creative potential with a camera. Through discussion and bonds-on practice, learn the fundamentals of camera operation and how motion, lighting, and focus can be used in creative ways. Find out about the key elements of exposure--shutter speed, f-stops, and ISO--and take part in a variety of activities that help you apply what you have learned.

All classes have a maximum of 15 students per class. Camera required. If you would like private one-on-one sessions, the fee is $100 per hour.

I offering mentoring to photographers wanting to advance their skills, as well as those wanting to learn how to run their own photography studio.  I also offer mentoring to those wanting to give wedding photography a try.  I'll have you assist me at a wedding and then go over the results and lessons learned.  Fee varies.