Jen Hearn

Every wedding has its moments. The magical, unplanned split second. As a wedding photographer, these moments are the most important.

I can work from a shot list. I know all the traditional poses to get. But when I shoot weddings, it's like my radar is turned on, to see and capture the heartfelt moments.

The photo above was taken at my first large wedding in 2014. I spent the entire morning with the bride and her mother, taking pics of them having their makeup done, lacing up the bride's beautiful white dress.

When the bride walked down the aisle, I noticed her mother standing up to greet her. They briefly touched fingers and the bride continued down the aisle.

When I delivered the images to the bride, she was so excited to see this shot. I asked what it meant and she explained that, "as kids, my mom would touch her finger to ours and say "doot!" It's a family tradition and now the grand kids do it."

No one had ever thought to take a pic of this family tradition. And I didn't know about it when I snapped the pic.

I think being open to what's happening in the moment is the most important thing I can do when photographing a wedding. And I will take candid over posed any day.