Jen Hearn Photography

Top 10 reasons you should hiring me to shoot your wedding:

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10. I am super laid back and if you're nervous I will try to make you laugh. Laughing helps everything.

9. I'm not trendy. Every wedding, the photos look unique (because each couple is unique.) Unless you want trendy photos. I can make your images look vintage and shoot the entire wedding on a medium format film camera from 1970.

8. Posed portraits vs. candid shots: I shoot both. I make the posed portraits happen fast and I make it fun. Because no one really enjoys posing. (Unless you're 13 years old with an Instagram account and know what a "selfie" is.) I try my best to capture candid moments, unexpected and lovely moments. The unplanned gestures, a look on the father of the bride's face, etc... I believe beautiful candid shoots capture the essence of every wedding.

7. I always carry swedish fish, gaffer tape, and a stain remover. I am the McGuyver of wedding photographers.

6. I love "offbeat brides". Bring on the pink hair, the tattoos and the quirky!

5. Professional editing: I do all my own editing. I think editing is part of the "art" of photography. I spend as much time editing as I do shooting the wedding photos. I like to give each wedding album a selection of classic colors, black & white, along with some vintage filters. I don't "bulk edit" 100 photos at a time. I lovingly remove blemishes, fix fly-away hair, and I can even Photoshop that ugly lamp out of your favorite shot.

4. I know how to use my fancy camera equipment. I didn't just run out and buy the nicest camera. I've been shooting pics since elementary school. I know how to shoot for every weird lighting situation, weird venue, or weird weather. I've shot weddings in barns and in chapels. I can shoot 9 frames in 1 second. I know how to make "bokeh" magic. I know the right angles for every face and body type.

3. I've been shooting weddings for 5 years and I only shoot a dozen a year. How is this a good thing? It's a good thing because I'm still excited for every wedding. I am not "burned out" on weddings. Every couple I meet, I love hearing their stories about how they met. And at some point during the wedding I cry. Because I love these people who have entrusted me with something very important. And I am sentimental as hell.

2. I work with couples on a budget. Every wedding package is created to combine what people want with what they can afford.

1. I believe that it is an honor to be asked to photograph such a special day in people's lives. I take it very seriously. I want to give every couple a set of photographs that they will love in 20 years, as much as they love them today.